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Screen mock ups are a very effective way to promote your activities, because they have a better quality than pictures taken in real life.
Cameras don’t see in the same way our eyes do, and as a result, when you take a picture of your screen, it looks dark, too blue, the image is distorted and of a poor quality.

This is why presentations usually integrate mock ups: they look professional and give the impression of an already established product.

Yet they are not so easy to make, and the Devil stays in the details.
As screens are a transparent and reflective surface that is also a source of light, there are two main aspects to consider while making a screen mock up: the first is the inclination of the screen.
It’s very rare to find a picture with a completely perpendicular to the camera screen, and even if that happens, it’s even more rare that that picture looks nice.
To have an interesting photo we usually take the screen from a slight angle. Therefore, also the picture that will be added has to follow the same angle, otherwise there will be an error in the perspective.

The second element to consider in a screen mock up is that we are working with a reflective, transparent source of light and we have to add a reflection to our image to let it look more realistic.

The picture featured here is a very interesting example of a realistic mock up. In the first place, the original has been taken with a telephone, therefore, having a low quality, nobody expects it to be manipulated.
As you can see, the screen is taken from an angle and the added photo follows it. Furthermore, the natural reflection of the original picture has been added to the edited one, giving a more realistic result.


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