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WUPLFitness is good for our health. A moderate exercise releases endorphins that positively affect also our humor and help seeing life in a more positive way. Yet when you get serious about that, you soon discover that physical exercise is just a small part of your training. Your discipline affects your diet, and therefore your beliefs. Getting fit can lead you to a path that involves new ideas on the way you see the World, and sometimes even spiritual beliefs.

Most of the people who practice yoga on a serious level start a journey of knowledge seeking that leads them to change their diet and become vegetarians or vegans, and very often, embracing this discipline takes them to Buddhism.
Faith helps enduring the pain and finding the motivation, but this is just the most common case, not the only one.

The path physical work out-serious work out-change of diet-change of ideas on how the World is seen-faith is somewhat considered casual, yet interesting common among professional athletes.
Could it be possible to combine faith and exercise from the beginnings, to make the efforts more effective?

#Wakeuppraylift interviews celebrities on this topic. It is a lifestyle brand that is going viral and works on the combination of faith and fitness. We interviewed its owner to understand more about his idea and the way he sees the future developments of the interesting combination of faith and body building.

What is Wakeuppraylift and how does it work?

Wakeuppraylift is a lifestyle brand that combines Faith & Fitness. We specialize in distribution of merchandise. We also interview celebs on the topics of faith & Fitness.

Who is usually interested in your brand?
Anyone who is into Health, Fitness, Bodybuilding and developing a better relationship with God.

How do you see the future of Wakeuppraylift?
We want to expand the Wakeuppraylift brand, we are gearing up to release our 1st supplement very soon!

What makes your company original?
We are the 1st company to mix Faith & Fitness on a major scale.

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